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Are you looking for an effective testing programme to help protect your workforce

At we understand, if you are responsible for a workforce or team, the ability to quickly identify the virus among your colleagues or employees maybe a priority for you right now.

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Business across the world are clearly trying to manage and navigate their operations in a proactive manor. Identifying and containing the COVID-19 virus is crucial to preventing the spread of the disease therefore it is more vital than ever for businesses to find an effective testing programme that can offer regular tests to offer protection for the health of their workforce and un-interruption to the running of their business.

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Our government approved 15min Lateral Flow Antigen Tests are able to offer an accessible and scalable solution that is suitable for all business and corporate COVID-19 testing needs. Our trained mobile team can offer a f ast turnaround of results which is key in keeping productivity high, whilst fostering a safe working environment. results within 15 minute.

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Our unique test services are one of three testing processes that meet government guidelines, they are CE approved, they have been purchased in large quantities by HM Government themselves and have also been awarded the highest accuracy rating in the UK  making one of the best tests on the market for identifying the live Cornavirus.

world health organisation

It has been reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that 80% of positive COVID-19 cases are mild or asymptomatic which poses a real threat to a workforces being at risk of cross contamination. Our regular mobile testing programmes can offer early virus detection and identification of asymptomatic staff and are key to helping you keep your entire workforce safe.

Covid safe environment

COVID safe workplaces are likely to be required for the longer term, even allowing for a vaccine. Implementing an effective, regular COVID-19 testing programme now, is the key to ensuring a Covid-safe work environment for everyone.

Minimise revenue losses

Identifying and containing the COVID-19 virus is crucial. Asymptomatic staff pose a real threat to your workforce and can lead to loss of productivity and significant costs for employers.

Protect your workforce

Rapid test results offer maximum protection. The regular testing of staff without symptoms helps identify coronavirus infection early.

 Minimising contact with asymptomatic staff and reducing cross contamination

Give your employees peace of mind

Many employees are concerned about returning to the work environment, regular testing can offer them confidence and security.

Reassure your customers

Whether you’re in Construction, manufacturing, hospitality, business, professional sports,… A regular coronavirus testing process can give your clients the reassurance they need to do business with YOU .

Fast, accurate, cost effective COVID-19 testing administered by our fully trained technicians at your workplace. Same-day results / Back-to-work Covid-19 programme.

Whether its our professional trained mobile technicians attending your workplace or helping your in house healthcare team with accredited training . We have a bespoke solution for you.

How much does testing cost?

We recognise that many businesses are facing challenging circumstances at the moment. We offer flexible pricing models in line with your requirements which include substantial discounts from consumer prices.

How does testing work?

Every business is unique and has different requirements. Our team of trained technicians will discuss how COVID-19 testing can meet your needs.

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